Training Curriculum

 Follows the crawl, walk, run (static, simple, complex) methodology of training. We take operators who have never been on a dirt bike and give them the tools they need to be mission ready. Our head coach has trained SO teams in low light and NVG riding pre-deployment with great success. We have an ideal course and terrain for beginning to advanced riding and training and the ability to allow for full mission scenarios during training. 

Mechanical coursework is highly encouraged for all trainees. We recommend that teams or units take advantage of this opportunity while you are here with us, because your bikes will break down on mission and you will need to repair and recover. We give you the knowledge and tools to do so effectively and efficiently.

Aspen Dirtbike School has proven curriculums for all stages of ground mobility training on dirt bikes from beginner to train the trainer courses. 

We are not just another contractor, we are a family operated, woman-owned, small business. We invest ourselves fully into the teams we train. 

We understand that it’s a big investment for teams to come to us and utilize our training area to replicate the terrain they will be on in deployment. We can help arrange lodging or provide a camping area, water, and meals. Transportation assistance is also available. The training area is just over four hours from Salt Lake City, Utah and four hours from Denver, Colorado. 

With the current fiscal situation our military is facing, we also make ourselves available to work with other contractors in order to maximize investment and training schedules. We can coordinate operations on our training area, if the need for the closest match to Afghanistan and surrounding region exists in your training program, with another vendor/operation to combine efforts, if necessary. Search and rescue, air support, role playing, and other types of vehicle training (ATV, LATV, UTV, and other families of vehicles in ground mobility) are also available.